Metro Tri Club

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Godzilla of the Year

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 Godzilla of the Year is given annually to members that race, volunteer, and attend club meetings as defined in the rules listed below.

Annual GOTY Budget:

  • The budget for the annual GOTY award will not exceed $10 per paid member as of 31 December of the previous year.
  • The maximum amount of an individual award will be $100.


To qualify for the 2015 GOTY award, Metro Tri Club (MTC) members must

  • Attend a minimum of five of the monthly MTC meetings (Note:  the annual banquet counts as a meeting); and
  • Participate as a “volunteer” at a minimum of three of the following events:
    1. Miles for Meso,
    2. Tracks & Treads,
    3. Route 66 10K Run (as part of the MTC Water Stop),
    4. Pere Marquette Endurance Trail Run,
    5. Cyclocross events (can count a maximum of one),
    6. GORC Work Days (can count a maximum of one); and
  • Complete a minimum of ten of the following races, with at least five being multi-sport races.  Note:  You also must wear some kind of “Zillawear” sometime at each of the ten races – either before the race, while you are racing or after the race while you are waiting to pick up your award!
    • To count as a “multi-sport” race, MTC members must compete in two or more of the events.
    • Any completed “  full” ironman during the year will satisfy all ten race requirements.
    • Any completed “half” ironman during the year will satisfy three multi-sport race requirements (Note:  Members may use a maximum of two half ironman races per year):


EventTypeConfirmed DateExpected DateLocation
Shivering Icy Trail Run Trail Run (night) 01/10/2015   Missouri
Danville Masters Swim Swim 01/24/2015   Danville, IL
MTC 1 or 4 Mile Swim Swim   01/31/2015 Maryville, IL
Aeries February Freeze Trail Run 02/07/2015   Grafton, IL
Castlewood Cup Trail Run 02/28/2015   Valley Park, MO
Quivering Quads Half Trail Run   03/08/2015 Troy, MO
St. Patrick’s Day Run 03/14/2015   St. Louis, MO
McKendree Ramble into Spring Run 03/21/2015   Lebanon, IL
Alton Half Run 03/21/2015   Alton, IL
Tracks & Treads Off-Road Biathlon   04/03/2015 SIUE-Edwardsville
USMS Ozark Championships Swim   04/12/2015 St. Charles, MO
Go!St. Louis Marathon/Half Run 04/12/2015   St. Louis, MO
River to River Relay Run 04/25/2015   Southern Illinois
Eads Bridge Duathlon 04/26/2015   St. Louis, MO
Try Tri Triathlon (long sprint only) 04/26/2015   SIU-Edwardsville
YMCA Half Run   05/09/2015 Collinsville/Maryville, IL
Conquer Castlewood Adventure Race 05/17/2015   Valley Park, MO
Gateway Tri Triathlon 05/17/2015   Carlyle Lake
Capital City (Springfield) Biathlon 05/23/2015   Springfield, IL
Highland Biathlon 05/25/2015   Highland, IL
USMS Potosi (1/2-Mile Swim) Swim   06/07/2015 Potosi, MO
Goomna Adventure Race   06/13/2015 Highland, IL
Route 66 Run   06/13/2015 Edwardsville, IL
Rec Plex Triathlon   06/14/2015 St. Peters
Carlinville Biathlon   06/20/2015 Carlinville, IL
Breese Biathlon   06/20/2015 Breese, IL
Hillsboro Biathlon 07/04/2015   Hillsboro, IL
Tour De Donut Bike   07/11/2015 Staunton, IL
New Town Triathlon 07/12/2015   New Town, MO
South County Triathlon   07/18/2015 St. Louis, MO
Mud Mountain Trail Run   07/25/2015 SIUE-Edwardsville
Springfield Triathlons 07/25/2015   Springfield, IL
Kirkwood Triathlon 07/26/2015   Kirkwood, MO
Wood River Triathlon 08/08/2015   Wood River, IL
Trifecta Triathlon Series 08/09/2015   Keyesport, IL
Edwardsville Criterium Bike   08/15/2015 Edwardsville, IL
Alligator Creek Triathlon   08/16/2015 O’Fallon, MO
Lake St. Louis Triathlons   08/22/2015 Lake St. Louis, MO
Belleville Biathlon   08/30/2015 Belleville, IL
Super Prestige Cyclocross Off-Road Bike Series   09/12/2015 Alton, IL
Millstadt Biathlon   09/13/2015 Millstadt, IL
Litchfield Triathlon Series 09/13/2015   Litchfield, IL
Meso Run 09/26/2015   Alton, IL
Hero Run Half Marathon Run   10/03/2015 Mascoutah, IL
Up-a-Creek Creek Run   10/11/2015 SIU-Edwardsville, IL
Challenge of the Bluffs Run   10/17/2015 Alton, IL
Rock & Roll Marathon/Half Run 10/18/2015   St. Louis, MO
YMCA Bluff Run Trail Run   10/24/2015 Valmeyer, IL
Skippo Trail Run   11/08/2015 Valley Park, MO
Rt. 66 Half Marathon Run 11/08/2015   Litchfield, IL
Castlewood 8-hour Adventure Race   11/14/2015 Valley Park, MO
Zillacross Cyclocross & Trail Run   11/21/2015 Staunton, IL
River Road Run   11/28/2015 Alton, IL
Pere Marquette Trail Run   12/12/2015 Pere Marquette State Park, IL
Last Man Standing Trail Run   12/26/2015 SIUE Edwardsville, IL